DR4088RB-CS 16-channel R-BUS™ feedback module

DR4088LN-GND_BOX LocoNet Complete Starter Kit with 32 reporting points

DR4088RB-OPTO 16-channel R-BUS™ feedback module

DR4088RB-CS 16-channel R-BUS™ feedback module

16 channel R-BUS™ feedback module suitable for the ROCO™ system.
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The DR4088RB is a feedback module designed for the Roco™ MultiZentrale-Pro™, Z21™ (black), z21™ (white) and is compatible with the Roco™ 10787. The DR4088RB is available in two versions: the OPTO and CS.

The CS version has integrated current detection and can be connected directly to the rails. The DR4088RB-CS detects as little as 1mA current consumption on the rails and then sends a continuous occupied signal to the control unit.

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